Jitbit Macro Recorder

Jitbit Macro Recorder 5.8

It records and plays keypresses and mouse movement and clicks

“Jitbit Macro Recorder” is a program that does more than it says on the tin. It records and plays keypresses and mouse movement and clicks; and also acts as an automation tool and an EXE compiler. I like this program because I can record macros of my routine tasks or create macros from scratch using the macro editor and the built-in commands. This saves me a lot of time every day. Besides, the program is easy to use, flexible (thanks to its edit function), accessible (just assign your mouse and keyboard macros to hotkeys and run them from any application), adjustable and so on.

It comes with a bonus: it also functions as automation software and an EXE compiler. As automation software, it allows you to insert custom commands and statements into your macros, such as: "launch website", "open file", "wait for window", "goto", "shutdown" and many more. In addition, you can add logic to your macros using the "IF - THEN" statement or "REPEAT X TIMES" statement. As an EXE compiler, it allows you to convert your macro to an EXE file, which can be run on any windows-compatible computer and which is compressed using advanced optimization techniques for improved performance and reduced space.

I recommend this software to anyone because it saves your time and does your work for you.

Alex Vince
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  • It save you a lot of time on repetitive tasks


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